Migration and Economy

Lublin/Poland: The University of Economics WSEI invited to an event on 23rd June 2022 to make the project and its results known to a wider public in Lublin. The two university lecturers Dr Marcin Marczuk and Prof. Tomasz Wołowiec presented the project and the content of the courses they had written on “Europe: Competition or Cooperation?” and “Migration: Economic and Social Effects in Europe“.

Artur Grzesiak then demonstrated the interactive and didactic parts of both courses. He followed by presenting the other courses of the European colleagues. Mr. Grzesiak emphasised that the content of the learning platform was designed for students, adults of different age groups as well as adult educators. The courses may contribute to making economic topics as well as non-formal methods more often the subject of adult education.

In the exchange with the speakers, the participants made special reference to the contribution to migration. The reason for this is topical. Since the war, many people from Ukraine have come to Poland. The question of economic and social effects is thus not an abstract one, but arises concretely in the city where one lives.