Economic Literacy and Global Justice

What is the role of adult economic literacy with a global justice perspective when working on the cultural impacts of forced migration?

Partner organisation Financial Justice Ireland, based in Dublin, Ireland co-hosted a seminar/workshop on 23rd July and a smaller second event on 27th July to present and promote the learning platform for adult and community educators.

Some of the questions we looked at included: What are the connections between tax avoidance by multinational corporations and migration? Why is it important to understand the issue of sovereign debt and debt crises in the Global North and South when working towards economic and social justice in community contexts? How can adult and community educators working on issues of migration and community integration incorporate economic and financial justice issues into their work? How does the learning platform function? What is the structure and where are the activity guides for educators/facilitators?

In relation to the themes covered, participants were surprised to see so many connections being made across the issues of tax, debt, forced migration and cultural heritage. Regarding the learning platform more generally, there was a lot of interest expressed in exploring the platform further and using it as a way of breaking down accessibility barriers to incorporating economics and finance issues into adult and community education work.